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    Payment Options

    Payment Options

    Payment can be handled with the ways below. You can just follow the steps during the checkout phase:

    • Cash on Delivery

    The easiest and safest way to pay. We send you the products of your order and you just pay their price.

    • Via Bank Account

    In that case you should select the same option on the checkout phase and deposit the exact amount in the bank account with these info:

    • Bank Account:


    Account Number: 3060 0200 2003 321

    IBAN: GR220 140 3060 3060 0200 2003 321


    After the deposit is checked the order passes from processing to delivery phase immidiately.

    Caution! If you are paying through a deposit to a bank account, the bank expenses are handled by yourself.

    • Via Credit Card Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express
    • All payments via credit card are processed through the “Alpha e-Commerce” platform, powered by Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption and encryption protocol 128-bit(Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of encoding the info until it is delivered to the receiver, who can decrypt it using the appropriate key.


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